Thursday, 24 November 2016

What your contribution means....

I have pledged to raise £2000 for the Children with Cancer UK. More than 70 children are diagnosed with cancer each week in the UK, and Children with Cancer  fund research, treatment, equipment, financial support, welfare and days out, hospice care,  and campaign to raise awareness. So if you sponsor me, what does that actually mean?

  • £5 pays for laboratory consumables used in the diagnosis of leukaemia
  • £10 pays for the analysis of tissue samples to help understand heart failure after treatment for childhood cancer
  • £2000 will cover the cost of MRI scanning for 4 patients taking part in a project to develop advanced techniques to identify high-risk tumour sub-types.
Thank you!!!
So far, in just a month, we have reached over £400 purely in sponsorship. That makes me feel amazing! Any amount that you can contribute to support Children with Cancer will be so well received. If you can spare anything at all and are happy to sponsor me, please click on the link. I will also be running a few fundraising events such as Film Clubs over the coming months, so look out for those too. Cheaper than the Odeon!!!

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