Thursday, 17 November 2016

Finding time, MAKING time....

The app I downloaded suggests 4 runs a week as training for the Marathon. Over the past two weeks I have been kind of ignoring that extra run that it is prompting me to undertake, three being my norm....

I'm too busy
I'll end up with an injury
It is dark
The kids have a lot on at this time of year
I'm tired
I'll build up to it eventually....

And then over the weekend, I was chatting to my marathon-mate Sarah who is also struggling to add in that extra session, and she very sagely said "It feels like an impossible ask to fit in another one, but it is only for 5 months, and we are only doing this thing once"

And of course she is right. The training has an end point, we don't need to find time to run this schedule forever, but we DO need to MAKE time to fit it all in over the next few months. So I set the alarm this morning and headed out for a 7k before breakfast, and as always I did enjoy it once I got going. I also spotted my daughters at the bus stop, which they were quite delighted about, so a hug and a kiss and two smiley faces to spur me home on the last 500m.

Chose a long flat route today

Love seeing the last of the leaves; it is pretty out there today!

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