Sunday, 19 March 2017

Maidstone Road Run

I needed to do a 17 mile run this weekend so signed up for the Maidstone Road run half-marathon option and plotted a route from there on to William's rugby club to make up the distance.

It was hard going to start with; I think I am getting tired and not fuelling sensibly and the first two miles I felt dreadful, but once I got my pace settled down I started to feel a little better.The route was erm.... 'undulating' and quite challenging, and had the added psychological struggle of being two loops of a 6.6 mile course so you approach the start/ finish knowing you need to go round again, AND you know exactly what is coming the second time around! However, the one small advantage of hilly routes is that all the flat/ downhill sections feel just that little bit easier.

Once the 'official' part of the run was over and I had grabbed my medal, some water and dashed for a loo break, I headed back out of East Malling and on down the road to add four more painfully slow miles to the rugby club. I have no idea how my running friends Nick and Naz managed to add on 8 more miles. They must have been hurting by the end; the only saving grace is that they are running Brighton so presumably can now taper off the long runs ahead of the race!

A bit more bling for the collection

Carolyn and Yvette from B2R were marshalling this time and it was VERY lovely so see them. A hug and big encouragement is just what we needed today

A run of two halves
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