Sunday, 23 April 2017

Here goes....!

By the time this post goes live, I will be almost at the start line. I've spent large parts of yesterday faffing about. I removed hawthorn spikes from my trainers and affixed the chip timer. I pinned my number onto my vest. I packed my kit bag and running belt. Everything is laid out and good to go. Train times have been triple checked. I had a bath and painted my nails in crazy colours to match the kit.

I also went to a family party and spent much of the day feeling quite overwhelmed at just how much support I have for this crazy endeavour; and it has helped enormously.

I have raised about £2700 now and sponsorship is still coming in.

Now? I am probably waiting for the start gun. 15 trips to the loo done?? I expect so. Nervous? Almost certainly. Excited? Yep! This will be hard. I have full respect for the challenge ahead though, and know that I can do this. I may have to pull every reserve I have got to get round the last third, but then it will be a few hours of my life and I can say 'I've run a marathon'

See you on the finish line.

Kit ready to go

Nails done  - important, clearly

This was lunch at the family party. Delish!

Blooming Hawthorn! Hazards of Kent life. Needed pliers!


  1. Well done Emma! We were with you all the way xxxxx

  2. Well done, Em. You're right - you have bragging rights for the rest of you life. I mention the one I did (thirty years ago!) whenever I get the chance.