Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday is RUN DAY!

Sunday is run day. No long leisurely lie-ins for the next few months, this is the day of the week to squeeze in those slightly longer routes.

Today I met with Nick and Carolyn, and we headed out on a route through Coxheath, East and West Farleigh and back, making up about 11.5k with the horrible Smiths Hill somewhere in the middle. As always it was great to get a good, well paced run ticked off for the week and to be out with running friends rather than slogging away alone.

Someone (Mr Davis...) does need to be more careful though, and focus a little more on the terrain (and those huge big lamposts) and maybe a little less on what Pokemon are hatching/ out for catching.....

I spent the afternoon eating..... these two went and put their feet up ready to run again at Running Club this evening. Nutters!
Post -run selfie... or should that be 'Run-fie'?

The route

The splits. Why does knowing you've burned 900 calories make you go and eat about 3000s-worth?
And of course, if you want to make a donation to the charity I am supporting by training for and running this mad marathon, here is the link:

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