Sunday, 20 November 2016

Storm Angus

Last night Storm Angus blew in, bringing high winds and torrential rain, so we woke to a blustery and gloomy day today. It is always tempting to stay in bed in the warm, but a 10K was scheduled, so a 10K is what we did.

I planned a circular route; the main problem with any circle round here is that we live on a ridge, so at some point you end up running down hills.... and what goes down, must come up. We tackled our local running nemesis, Vanity Lane. It is STEEP and also quite long, but we did it, and in the 10th kilometre too so we were pretty happy with that!

Yep, the marathon is flat. Yep, we all hate running up hills. In fact, running down them in wet, leaf-strewn conditions is not easy, but it all helps to build stamina for those 26.2 miles. Just over 5 months to go now.

Yvette and me, at the top of a hill, after which my face was a great match for her hat

A very imposing sky today; hills do at least bring stunning views

Yvette powered up Vanity Lane. I was flagging by this point!! 

Pretty much everything North/ South is a hill....

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