Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Stretch and Strengthen

Earlier this year I started attending a local Pilates class. My initial skepticism at how something so apparently slow could do anything to help fitness and well-being was wiped away at the end of the first session when I arrived home and felt like I'd been hit by a bus!! No so much the aches and soreness that you expect after a high impact session of some kind, but an all over sense of having worked very very hard without risking any pain or injury.

I have found over the months that if I mention a tight muscle group or slightly niggly thing to our instructor at the start of the session, by the end of it the problems are pretty well sorted. So, although my app tells me that Wednesday should be a running day, I go to Pilates whenever I can.

I'll switch my rest day from tomorrow to make up for it......

(I swiped these from our instructors pages, so they are from earlier in the year rather than last night, but you get the idea!

Don't for get to smile. And breath. And as for the pelvic floor....


And just in case you've forgotten, I am aiming to complete the London Marathon and raise essential funds for Children with Cancer UK:

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