Friday, 31 March 2017

20 miles DONE!

This weekend I needed to do a 20 mile training run. I was struggling to know when to fit it in this weekend as I knew it would take quite some time so in the end decided  to use up the last of my leave and go this morning.

It was hard. As always the first few miles felt impossible. A bit of Fatboy Slim came up on my music playlist and that got me settled into a better pace. I made 10 miles without too much trouble and headed into the petrol station for water and jelly tots. I needed the fluids but that stop killed my pace and the next few miles felt tough through to 15 miles. And then, even though I felt dead on my feet, I realised that just five more miles was doable. So I soldiered on at my snails pace and got it done.

The last few miles were painful- I had lost track of my pre-planned route so ended up running past the top of my road a short way to make up the distance. Timed to perfection though as my garmin  flagged 20 miles exactly as I stepped onto my driveway.

So- DONE! That was the last of the long runs before the big day. Now I get to taper. This means eat carbs and ease up on the distances. Taper is my new favourite word!

I'm also very nearly at my target following some offline fundraising so if you fancy sponsoring me this evening here is the link