Thursday, 20 April 2017


This afternoon we headed up to Expo in East London to collect our bib numbers, chip timers and kit bags. The set up is immense. The 39000 runners must collect their numbers in person with ID, get shoe tags activated, and, if the stalls are anything to go by, spend a months' salary on running supplies!

We did the important bits first - no number on the day means you cannot run. Then we browsed the stands, eyeing up the lovely merchandise, sensibly knowing that 26.2 miles is not the best time to try anything new, and that bitter cherry juice and beetroot juice shots are probably all a bit late now to make a difference on the day. Maybe next time.....

It was quite emotional - it is all very real now and only a few more days to go.

Got the number!
At the CWC stand

The red caption (CWCMRMEN) is made up of the names of all the CwC Runners

Finding my name!

Typical-on the hashtag and split across two lines! But I am THERE!

Sarah added a message to their board.

I got a strike!

That won me £5 for my charity

My very lovely partner in running xx

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