Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Raining? TRAINING!!!

Our local running club started an 'Early Birds' group in April 2015. About this time last year, as the days were getting shorter and the weather colder and wetter, our Team Leader Danny posted up a message that said:

"Options for tomorrow:
1- Run
2- Don't Run (valid excuses only)

In case anybody is wondering about the qualifying conditions for Option 2, these do not include complaining about any of the following....

It's too dark
It's too cold
It's too hot
It's too wet
It's too early
It's too fast
It's too slow
It's too...... anything"

So, on the basis that I still can't think of an excuse that is not on the list of invalid excuses, I get up at 5:30am, get dressed in the dark with the wind howling and the rain hammering the windows, and head out to meet this group of fellow running nut-jobs.

I know that once we get going, I will enjoy it. We chat, laugh, grumble, loop back for each other, moan all the way up hills, holler "Car Coming" warnings to each other, and even on days when we get soaked through to the skin, we know we will do it all again in a few days time.

Spring races mean Winter training, even when it is raining, and I am very lucky to have friends to get up and run with twice a week. It was still very dark when we finished this morning (so yes, we are posing under a streetlamp) but every cold, wet, dark run is one in the bag towards that marathon goal next year.

Thank you Beginners2Runners Early Birds!


(I've posted about the Early Birds before - here is the link in case you missed it 

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