Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Frosty Mornings, stunning skies

Today we faced the first hard frost of the winter, so time for our Early Birds group to find hats, gloves, long sleeved tops and brave the freezing sub-zero cold. Winter running has down-sides; hands and cheeks feel the sting, breathing can feel harder for those first few kilometers, and it takes a while to warm up and then just moments after you stop to feel the bite of cold on damp skin.

However, it has its plus sides too. When I set off to meet my Tuesday morning running mates, the sky was crystal clear, stunningly dark and littered with stars. Danny chose us a lovely route across the valley and we could see the glowing dawn on the horizon as we reached the end. There is something about clear, crisp, stunning days that really lifts the spirits!

And, as always, dragging ourselves out of bed and into the cold to meet friends and run and chat always makes us feel very virtuous. I just wish it had been light enough to see Penny's face when she realised that Westerhill really does come out at the bottom of Vanity Lane......

View from the Greensands Way
Church steeple against the sky-line (ok, iphones are not great for artistic shots - it was still quite dark)
Photographic proof that we braved this at silly O'Clock
Sun almost up by the time we got back to the start point.

My car was still frozen solid when I got back home

Today was one of those days where I would happily have done the school run (which is where I grabbed this photo) and then gone running again, rather than heading to work. I think that must be the effect of the Early Birds..... Thanks folks, really loved our run this morning!

As always, a reminder that this year I am even more determined to climb out from under that warm duvet and lace up my trainers in preparation for The London Marathon in Spring 2017......

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