Sunday, 5 February 2017

11 weeks and counting

It is now only 11 weeks to go until the London Marathon. I am doing my best to stick to my training plan, so this week consisted of a slow 3 miles, fast 7.5 miles, slow 3 miles and then 11 miles at race pace today. I am definitely feeling fitter, but those long 11 mile runs are still hard and vague panic at the size of the challenge is setting in.

I'm trying to pay more attention to nutrition, and also trying gel sachets on the go which are ok. It is still cold and mostly dark when I run, but my 7.5 miles on Thursday had me almost home as the sun was coming up, and that was pretty lovely. Feels like a while now since the early runs have been in daylight.

Today I plotted a route that kept me fairly local. It was a lot colder out that I was expecting and I was cold through by the time I got back. Still, another one under the belt. Next weekend I need to do between 13.1 and 15 miles. Yikes!!!

Sunrise spotted through the orchards at about 7am

Down in the Loose Valley today
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