Friday, 17 February 2017

Looking for Dawn

A regular 5k/ 3 mile run out with the Early Birds today. We spent much of the route looking for Dawn. We found it (her?!) somewhere around Linton Park.... just the glow of the 'Civic Dawn' that officially reaches us at about 6:36, bathing us in enough light to make torches redundant and to pick out the early morning mist across the fields. It meant that we felt brave enough to cut in behind the church and pick up the footpath along the driveway for Linton Park; we could see the muddy bits, horse pooh, sticking out roots and low branches. So nice to get off road a bit!

The Early Bird crew (thanks to Danny for taking the photos today)

At Linton Park - it's getting light!

Running towards the dawn

Lovely photo Danny!

Linton Park - shame it is private, would be interesting to take a look!

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  1. Some gorgeous pics. Sunrise is such a beautiful time of day x