Saturday, 28 January 2017

Hello! *waves*

Well, I'm still here and still running. I have missed a couple of scheduled longer runs with the icy weather and then a streaming horrible cold, but have been trying to stick to the shorter and intermediate runs.

Trouble is, most of those take place in the pitch dark; limits photo opportunities and makes for repetitive blogging too. However, today I managed to get out late morning for a three mile 'jog' as per my training plan, and although it wasn't warm, the temperature has come up above 4 degrees and the sun was out!

So.... less than three months to go now. Just 12 more Sunday before the big day, and a whole lot of long runs to fit in and more fundraising to do.

Don't forget you can sponsor me any time - I've added a link to the right side of the page now, anything you can spare for this great charity will be very appreciated!

Looking down across the valley

No ice!!

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