Sunday, 15 January 2017


This week has not been great on the training front owing to the snow. I missed my usual Early Birds slot after the heavy snowfall on the Thursday night before, and today was not much better. 

I got up super early so I would have time to eat and digest breakfast. I had planned an 11 mile route (which Nick D and Yvette from the running club are gamely up for doing too) and we met in Coxheath in the sleety rain today. We set off but found that less than 500metres in we were slipping on ice which was impossible to see as the roads and pavements all looked wet rather than icy. 

Given that our routes all have an element of rural roads/ pavements and hills, we realised we had no hope of getting a proper run in without risking injury and had to turn back. 

Once upon a time I might have been secretly pleased to have a good excuse to head back into the warm, but I actually look forward to these long Sunday runs. I will make up some distance in the coming week, and will get out again next Sunday,  but for now I'm just grumpy. 

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  1. Dont be grumpy. Not running is better than attempting it and breaking a leg or something.