Friday, 9 December 2016

You know you've joined the right running club when.... get back to the car park at the end of your run to find one of your running mates who couldn't join you has set up a breakfast bar. Orange juice, bacon rolls and a choice of sauce.

Seriously, what is NOT TO LOVE about Beginners2Runners Early Birds?
Yes, he even brought a table
Malcolm, Neil (chef), Andrew, Yvette, Elaine, Kim, Me - And Danny behind the camera
Training run aim for me today was an 8K, so I ran from home to our meet point and then onwards. We took on Westerhill, Barnes Lane and a bit of Vanity Lane before gettting back onto Linton Hill and home. It was a tough hilly route (we broke it up with a photo-shoot outside the church to try and get in the Christmas Tree!) and then back to the waiting Neil for breakfast. Sadly, I needed to carry on with my run to get home, so the solution? Put my bacon roll in my hat (not on my head by this point, as it was really mild again today!) and that kept it warm for me until I got home.

Perfect start to the weekend, and another run in the bag towards that marathon goal.

Andrew, Yvette, Kim, Me, Elaine, Malc and some very bright lights!

Not a bad pace given the hills!

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