Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Ice run

We spent a few days over the festive period down in Broadstairs, so I plotted a 10K route along the coast towards  Ramsgate, in a vague effort to stay on track with training and work off some of the Christmas excesses.

I had intended to get up and go very early but slept through my alarm; in the end that did me a favour as it meant that I could watch the sun coming up over the Eastern horizon and it was a stunning day. It was also very very icy which is unusual on the coast (there was even frost on the sand!) and it made for a very slow run (I almost slipped over in the road 1k in, so the rest of the route was spent tip-toeing between path/ road/ grass trying to find the safest terrain.

I now have just 115 days to go until the London Marathon. It suddenly seems quite close!

The camera on my phone didn't do this justice at all

By the end of my 10K the sun was up but fog had rolled in.

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